News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017



So Danica Roem wasn’t the first trans person elected to a state legislature. What a sad story. 20 years ago, Althea Garrison, a black woman, was serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives when she was outed as trans, against her wishes, by the press. We still have work to do.


WHOA. Rutgers University and Princeton University are among the top U.S. colleges using offshore secretive investments to make money while avoiding tax scrutiny in the U.S., according to ‘Paradise Papers’ leaked documents.






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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    Redistricting is only 3+ years away and if the Democrats want to complete their takeover of LD16 after coming less than 1,000 votes away from taking out Kip Bateman, all it would take is to move Delaware Township, Flemington Borough, Raritan Township, and Readington Township from LD16 to LD15, Plainsboro Township and West Windsor Township from LD14 and LD15 respectively to LD16, and Lawrence Township from LD15 to LD14.

    Linda Greenstein and Shirley Turner might not be happy (especially Turner who would likely face a primary challenge from Steve Sweeney’s fellow Building and Tradesman, Wayne DeAngelo without the benefit of Trenton’s African-American community) about being moved from LD14 to LD16 and LD15 to LD14 respectively, but they could move to Monroe Township and Trenton respectively if they want to stay in their current districts.

    Reed Gusciora moved to Trenton when Princeton was moved from LD15 to LD16 during the last redistricting, so it is not like it never happens. Greenstein might be less inclined to move, because the new LD16 would be significantly more Democratic than the current LD14. The new LD14 would become marginally more Democratic, while the new LD15 would become significantly less Democratic, but still a very safe district.

    Is Joey Novick ready to run for State Senate (or State Assembly if Reed Gusciora or Liz Muoio decides to run for the State Senate seat) in the new LD15? Obviously, it would be terrible optics if this district has zero representation from POC, although it is interesting to note that Trenton currently has zero representation at the state level and its voters did not seem to mind one bit.


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