News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Nov. 13, 2017


The Secret to Progressives’ Electoral Success? They didn’t just say NO to Trump, they offered a serious, affirmative agenda (The Nation)

Follow the money: The real scandal in the Democratic Party. “From top to bottom, the party is being eaten alive by graft, and the political consequences are profound.”

Lodi native Dean Obeidallah: A federal judge has ruled against letting attorneys for Muslim American radio host Dean Obeidallah question the relatives of an elusive Ohio native who wrote an article falsely labeling him an Islamic State “terrorist.”

Menendez bribery trial: Jury deliberations to begin again, after 16 hours in, this time with an alternate juror sit-ing in


Pinelands residents worry about about a proposed Pinelands Commission rules change that could hamper the creation of firebreaks that protect their homes


Blunt assessment from climate scientist Robert Kopp: NJ’s coastline could disappear quickly

Can it please disappear before 10:30am? That’s when Ivanka Trump, Steve Mnuchin & Tom MacArthur will be in Ocean County, pumping the Republican’ tax plan plan to further crater the middle class.

Carl Golden: Where did New Jersey’s GOP go wrong? Let me count the ways

Craig Coughlin: 7 things to know about your next Assembly speaker

At NJEA’s Atlantic City conference, some teachers said they felt “disconnected” from the political decisions made by their union, like NJEA’s failed efforts to defeat Steve Sweeney by expensively backing his Republican opponent

Can Gov.-elect Murphy make a go of his public bank?



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