In LD16, don’t fall for Bateman/Simon/Caliguire’s racist, classist dogwhistles. Send Andrew Zwicker back to Trenton with Freiman & Poppe.

Say “NO” to all these people; Kip Bateman, Donna Simon & Mark Caliguire. Hunterdon County and LD16 are changing – demographically, and in attitude. I hope this district will say no more to Republicans like these 3 who would try to scare white people into believing brown people & poor people will ruin their quality of life. Think of it. Kip Bateman, of whom I expect better by the way, is a seated New Jersey state senator, Donna Simon a former Assemblywoman, Mark Caliguire a seated Somerset Freeholder. These are people who accepted the task, and awesome responsibility of serving all the residents of their district or county – including immigrants, including brown people, including people without much money. Don’t miss the dog-whistles; nothing here says brown people because those who use dog-whistles use them so they can get their message across to their base, and maintain full deniability.

We can do better in LD16. We can re-elect physicist Asm Andrew Zwicker, who followed his friend and former boss Rep. Rush Holt into elective politics, and his running mate Roy Freiman. And send Laurie Poppe, one of the outstanding Jersey Girls Women to the NJ Senate. Here in this district more than ever, your vote counts. Zwicker defeated Donna Simon by only 78 votes in 2015, and it took weeks to count every vote and determine the winner. Zwicker’s the first Democrat ever to win in LD16. Vote!

By the way, this classic piece of Republican racist, classist campaign lit isn’t even funded by an IEP. It is: “Paid for by election funds of Bateman, Simon and Caliguire”. This is what they think of their constituents.

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