Hey, New Jersey. We had a GOOD WEEK. Now, let’s help Alabama DEFEAT this WEIRDO Roy Moore.

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This is BIG. Today, Mitch McConnell told reporters Roy Moore should leave the race for the Alabama U.S. Senate vacated by Jeff Sessions, saying he “believes the women, yes.” That’s a reversal. A few days ago, the Senate Majority Leader said Moore should drop out – ‘if the allegations were true.’ Now he’s bypassing that entirely. He knows they are true, and that nothing but Moore’s exit will stop the bleeding. And maybe not even that.

New Jersey & Virginia (mostly VA, tbqh) had hundreds – thousands – of voters from elsewhere pitching in behind our candidates in Tuesday’s election. And we scored – Dems and progressives. So, as we gear up to flip some damn 2018 NJ House seats, can we also return the favor – and keep yet another homophobic, Islamophobic, bigoted Republican weirdo out of the Senate?

Progressive Doug Jones

What you can do:
Alabama’s Special Election is Dec. 12. Progressive Dem Doug Jones is opposing Moore
Send money – Click to contribute to Jones via ActBlue thru PCCC – or thru DFA
Belong to a progressive activist group? Be alert for any voter-contact efforts. Or start one – postcards?

  • Wait – an actual progressive in Alabama? Yes & Doug Jones just pulled ahead in polls
  • Who’s Doug Jones? Dem Doug Jones is the former US Attorney who reopened the case of the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. Decades later, he convicted two KKK members responsible for killing 4 little girls in that attack. That’s who he is.
  • What if Roy Moore does drop out? Republicans are ditching Moore left and right (mostly right). But he’s signaled he won’t answer calls to drop out  – and that means GOP’s options are limited (super limited). Right now, they’re stuck with him, and even if (defeated primary opponent) Luther Strange mounts a write in, that would probably fail. And if the Guv actually reschedules the whole election, that just gives us more time to organize behind Doug Jones.
  • Roy Moore – what’s the deal on this weirdo? Republican strategists knew for a long time Moore had “women issues.”. Opposition researchers have tried to dig into it but nobody could pin down the details. Then Thursday: Washington Post broke that Moore had initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl – when he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. And 3 other women said Moore pursued them when the were 16, 17, 18. Roy Moore went into freefall: Cringeworthy non-denials to the Post’s very detailed (and icky) report, which he called “fake news.”  He told Hannity: “I don’t remember dating any girl with the permission of her mother.” Republicans ran for cover. Polls flipped on Moore. And over the weekend, a hail of tweets from women posting #MeAt14, showing how young that really is.

This is doable. Roy Moore is one disaster we can avoid. Let’s celebrate New Jersey’s wins by helping Alabama progressives send a Doug Jones – a good guy-  to the U.S. Senate. Because can you imagine what it would do to Trump’s feel-feels if we replace Jeff Sessions with a hotshot progressive? In Alabama? Oh my.


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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    Let me start by saying that I wholeheartedly agree with everything that Rosi writes here. Moore is a disgusting creep and the Jesus, Joseph, and Mary defense that is being employed on his behalf is even more disgusting and creepier.

    But if Alabamans do the right thing for the first time in who knows how long, what will it say about New Jerseyans if Bob Menendez is still our Senator in 2018 and the only completion that he faces for the Democratic nomination comes from Donald Norcross and Robert Torricelli?

    Considering the opportunity that New Jersey will have in 2018 to win House seats in CD2, CD3, and CD11 and the need to retain CD5, it would be terrible if one of these three corrupt hacks is at the top of ballots next fall. It would be even worse if Republicans do something very smart and nominate Jen Beck to run for the Senate. She is exactly the kind of candidate who would be perfectly positioned to pull off an upset.

    Heck, if it looks like Menendez, Norcross, or Torricelli is going to be the Democratic nominee and Tom MacArthur is going to be the Republican nominee, if I was close to Beck, I would tell her to run as an independent. If the Trump tax reform bill passes and New Jerseyans get slammed by it as badly as I think that they will, I could see Beck winning a three-way race with 40% of the vote.


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