Election Day News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Stop reading this if you haven’t yet voted. Get out there and perform your civic duty – the duty that many of your neighbors and relatives fought and died for. If you’re in line at the polling place by 8:00 PM, you must be permitted to vote. Let’s not have a repeat of 2016.

Don’t just vote for Governor. Vote down-ballot and the two initiatives: For libraries and for the environment.

Will your vote count if there’s no paper trail?

The gun huggers issue a factually-challenged plea to vote for Guadagno.

Mulshine’s prediction: Guadagno will lose, but by single digits. If it’s that close, will the third-party candidates make a difference?

Lena Smith

What should our next governor do about climate change? Lena Smith of Food & Water Watch weighs in.

Atlantic City drama: Court denies Mayor Guardian’s request to review mail-in ballots.

Hate has no home here. New Jersey has not been immune to hate and hate crimes. But when it hits close to home at your own place of worship, as it has mine over the weekend, it is extra troubling, and it’s not an isolated incident. In response to the racist flyers in Edison, the community holds a unity rally.

Republican Infighting. My God! They’re acting like Democrats.

Menendez’s Trial: It’s in the hands of the jury now.

George Washington is not the only bridge that’s newsworthy.

New Jersey’s oldest bridge gets a facelift

Bayonne Bridge stars in a long-form New Yorker piece.


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