BREAKING: Menendez jurors deadlocked

Via Politico, after about two hours of deliberating today, the jurors in the federal corruption trial of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez sent a note in to the judge.

“As of 2 p.m. on behalf of all jurors we cannot reach an unanimous decision on any of the charges. Is there any additional guidance? What do we do now?” the jury foreman wrote.

Judge William Walls asked lawyers for advice on what to do. Each side had a different suggestion, as you might imagine. Prosecutors wanted the judge to instruct jurors to continue deliberating the case, as they’ve only had part of one day with a new jury makeup after an alternate was swapped in for a juror promised she could leave for vacation. But the Senator’s attorney wanted Walls to declare a hung jury. Walls didn’t do that; he dismissed the jurors, and instructed them to return tomorrow and start it all up again on Tuesday.


“I want you to cease your deliberations, go home and have a good meal and a good sleep. And I want you to come back here tomorrow to continue deliberations,” he said.


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