Access Denied

There were about 20 people in line outside the Bayville Fire House waiting to get inside from out of the rain to listen to Congressman Tom MacArthur, joined by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and First Nepotistic Daughter Ivanka Trump, talking about tax policy. And there were at least four times as many people standing in the rain outside protesting the Trump/MacArthur reverse Robin Hood tax code.

The indoor event was by invitation only and no Democrats were allowed into the taxpayer-funded venue. But neither that nor the rain stopped activists from protesting the draconian changes being proposed by the Trump administration.

The first video below contains comments from the activists. How many can you recognize?

In the second video, below, a young mother clutching her child, talks about being shut out of the venue.



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  1. Yolanda Ocanas

    Of course they wouldn’t allow any Democrat into the venue because they know that we don’t fall for their rhetoric, and blindly drink the kool-aid.

  2. deciminyan (Post author)

    Andy Kim’s campaign issued the following statement in response to MacArthur’s visit with Ivanka Trump and Steve Mnuchkin:

    It has been quite a year for Tom MacArthur. First, he sold out New Jersey families by writing a health care bill that would drastically raise premiums while cutting coverage, all to get a private fundraiser with President Trump. Now, he’s selling out middle-class families by signing onto a tax plan that will raise taxes for so many New Jersey residents, all to get a private invite-only event with Ivanka Trump. Unlike Tom MacArthur, Andy Kim will always put New Jersey families first.

  3. Dr. Richard Roemer

    We all know that this “Tax Reform Bill” is a stalking horse to repeal ACA, Individual mandate,Johnson Amendment, and Rowe V Wade. If Congress had any modicum of integrity (shown repeatedly they lack any), they would come from the closet and take their lumps- if the electorate objects. They all seem to be genuflecting at the alter of Koch. SAD


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