3 Ways to Make Sure Your Vote Counts (Watch)

When we were worried NJ had no real place in the 2008 election: Ten years ago, John Bartlett, Blue Jersey alum Jeff Gardner & I decided we were tired of New Jersey’s presidential primary coming so late that essentially it didn’t count. So, we three organized the first-ever New Jersey Democratic Presidential Caucus in December 2007. More than 450 people showed up in a vast space in Roselle where we held an “unofficial” Iowa-style caucus, complete with impassioned speeches (with the likes of Bonnie Watson Coleman & Mark Alexander repping Hillary & Obama), and masses of people moving across the room to their candidate’s corner in each round of voting. (WNBC News had coverage – it was wild)

Rights: Since then, my friend John – a lawyer with election law experience – has become Passaic Freeholder and candidate in the 2018 CD 11 Democratic Primary, looking for the chance to defeat Frelinghuysen in a DCCC-targeted race. But just like in 2007, John’s always looking for ways to encourage people to take ownership of their right to vote. And as long as I’ve known him, he’s given talks, telling all kinds of audiences what their rights as voters are.

If you read Blue Jersey, you already have a plan to vote tomorrow, you know your polling place, and you’re attuned to any effort to suppress the vote. But you also know not everybody knows what you know.  Here’s a brief video John Bartlett made about 3 rights a surprising number of people don’t know they have. Please share this info with people family, co-workers, anyone else you know who needs a reminder.

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