Weekend News Roundup for Oct. 7-8, 2017

Mark Murphy’s Oct. 8 cartoon


SNL’s cold open last night was Jason Aldean, “struggling to understand what happened that night” and singing Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down


You’ve already heard from Confederate flag-posting GOP Assemblyman Parker Space, who got caught calling Dem opponent Kate Matteson a “bitch.” Now, hear from Matteson and Gina Trish, his opponents. (Video)

The progressive promise to cut property taxes: Independent gubernatorial candidate Gino Genovese is getting some buzz in South Jersey with progressive groups frustrated with the local party structures. Oct. 11th, Cherry Hill Progressive Democrats will be hosting the candidate to talk about reducing property taxes.



Flagging this for you: An excerpt from Run for Something, at bookstores now. (Daily Kos)

Bob Menendez is spending his weekend in Washington where he took pains to remind people he has a day job

What NJ can learn from Trump-grade sleaze (S-L editorial)

Divine imperatives in Jersey City: City renewal and getting leaders and government to do what is just

Resolution urging Congress to permanently exempt Puerto Rico from provisions of the Jones Act, introduced in the Legislature by Pou, Cruz-Perez and Ruiz

What NJ needs: More downtowns for millennials (and boomers) (Kevin Riordan)

Trump administration’s moves to cut back on free birth control and tighten abortion restrictions could add up to this: Women will have more abortions.






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