The forgotten races: 120 NJ legislative seats

Less than a month until Election Day the press buzz is minimal, but on November 7 at least 13 of 120 legislative seats will turn over as four senators and nine Assembly members either have chosen not to seek re-election or already left their seats open. In the Assembly there are 52 D’s and 28 R’s. In the Senate there are 24 D’s and 16 R’s. It is unlikely that Republicans will take control of either house. However, each race has its own idiosyncrasies, some races are more interesting or closer, and the races in your district should be important to you. If you are unsure in which district you reside, go here.

One among many reasons to vote: Following the 2020 Census Data, re-apportionment of Legislative Districts will be finalized in 2021. In 2011 Democrats gained an advantage that we do not want to lose in 2021. Democratic voter turnout is one factor that influences re-apportionment. For more info on 2021 go here.

Voting by mail in NJ has already begun. For more information go here.

NJSpotlight provides more general information about the races and highlights Legislative Districts 2, 7, 11, and 16.  Other sites for local election news include InsiderNJ, particularly interesting on Republicans, Observer/NJ, and the larger dailies. Often a good source is your local news sites.

Below are data on selected districts. (I) denotes incumbent. There are numerous cases where there is a new Republican candidate running where there may be an opportunity to flip a seat.

  • LD: 2: Sen. Colin Bell (D) was elected to fill the unexpired seat created by the departed Sen. Jim Whelan vs. Chris Brown (R) who is currently an assemblyman.  Assemb. Vince Mazzeo (D I) with new running mate John Armato vs. two Republicans.
  • LD 4: Sen. Fred Madden (D-I) runs unopposed, but still vote for him.
  • LD 7: With the resignation of Sen. Diane Allen (R), the race is between Troy Singleton (D) (currently an Assemblyman)  and John  Browne (R).  Asemb. Herb Conaway (D I) with new running mate Carol Murphy vs. 2 Republicans.
  • LD 8: Assemb. Joannes Schwartz (D) and  Maryann Merlino (D) vs. Joe Horwarth (R I) and Ryan Peters.
  • LD 10: Assemb. Michael Cooke (D) and Raymond Baker (D) vs. 2 Republican incumbents.
  • LD 13: Following the resignation of Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R), Declan O’Scanlon (R) (currently an Assemblyman) is  running against Sean F. Byrnes (D).  Assemb. Tom Giaimo (D) and Mariel Didato (D) vs. Amy Handlin (R I) and new running mate Serena DiMaso.
  • LD 16: Assemb. Andrew Zwicker (D I) and new running mate Roy Freiman vs. Donna Simon and Mark Caliguire.
  • LD 19: Sen. Joe Vitale (D I) runs unopposed but still vote for him.  With Assemblyman John Wisniewski not re-running, Assemb. Craig Coughlin (D I) (likely incoming Assembly Speaker) and new running mate Yvonne Lopez vs. 2 Republicans.
  • LD 23: Sen. Michael Doherty (R I) vs. Sen. Christine Chen (D).
  • LD 24: The infamous Assemb. Parker Space (R I) and running mate Harold Wirths vs. Kate Matteson and Gina Trish.
  • LD 29: Assemb. Eliana Pintor Marin (D I) and new running mate Shanique Speight vs Jeannette Veras and Charles Hood.
  • LD 30: Assemb. Sean Kean (R I) and new running mate Edward Thomson vs. Kevin Scott (D) and Eliot Colon (D).
  • LD 38: Sen. Bob Gordon (D I) vs. Kelly Langschultz (R).
  • LD 40: Sen. Thomas Duch (D) vs. Christine Corrado (R) who was tapped to fill the unexpired vacancy left by Sen. O’Toole, now Chair of the NY/NJ Port Authority.  Assemb. Kevin Rooney (R I) with new running mate Chris DePhillips vs. Paul Vagianos (D) and Christine Ordway (D).

For additional information on any specific district go to NJSpotlight’s DISTRICT OVERVIEW.  A complete list of all candidates for each district, including Independents, is here for the Senate and here for the General Assembly. There are a total of 264 candidates in the races.

If you are not registered to vote you have until October 17 to do so. More info here.

Feel free to comment on these or other candidates below.

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  1. deciminyan

    Let’s not forget George Youngkin running for Senate in LD8. A Marine veteran, George is a much better and more progressive candidate than the incumbent who has an undistinguished legislative record.


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