Sussex voters: Did you get this Republican mailer? Send it right back.

So this is dropping in people’s mailboxes all over Sussex County. I hear Anchorman’s Brick Tamland reading it in my head:

Liberal hotbeds of social engineering!
Unlimited illegal immigration!
Confiscation of firearms!

Guess this is what counts for sophisticated Republican communication these days. Jack up your Republicans with made-up bullshit! Treat your voters like scared little stupids quaking in their beds! Assume they’re racist – shades of Trump, shades of Kim Guadagno!  Threaten their quality of life – the Sussex you know, gone forever!

And trying to get people to take them seriously that Democratic Freeholder candidate Dan Perez is some sort of malevolent dude? Ooh, scary! I mean, for goodness sake, Dan Perez is a Dad, an Eagle Scout and a damn beekeeper! Maybe the Republicans are scared Perez is doing too well with voters.

I hear voters are now returning this silly mailer right back to the Republicans that sent it. Did you get one? Send it back, and tell GOP Chair Jerry Scanlan what you think of it if you want. Address: Sussex County Republican Committee, Jerry Scanlan, Chairman. 108 Rt. 23 South. Hamburg NJ.

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  1. Bill Weightman

    Montclair is a nice community with a lot going for it! Sussex County- the expression you cannot get here from there is appropriate. The flyer is all lies for a party fleecing a county, a college and more!


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