Remember the post about progressives shut out of a Middlesex Phil Murphy phone bank? Here’s an update.

So, we have an update on the fallout from last week’s reported shut-out by Middlesex County Democratic Organization (MCDO) of about a dozen Democratic volunteers who were asked to come phone bank last Thursday at MCDO HQ. This is a follow-up to last week’s Blue Jersey post,  Phil Murphy, Is this how you want things to be? 

Victory 2017, the coordinated campaign, saves the day, moving their phone banks out of MCDO HQ, and to their own offices in New Brunswick, where everybody will now be welcome. Right thing to do. Classy thing to do. And a way to make it unmistakeable that all the Democratic volunteers who walk in the door will be welcome (and their time appreciated). The phone banks will now be at 65 Church Street, NB (parking info in the email below). Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Catching you up: Last Thursday, a whole night of phonebanking was hastily cancelled when people started showing up to MCDO HQ wearing buttons supporting the insurgent local Democrats’ organization Central Jersey Progressive Democrats. These folks had been asked to organize their members to turn out for the Phil Murphy campaign, and that night there were also some some regular weekly volunteers who were also shut out and locked out, after getting email confirmation for the phoning. And the goal for that night? 1,000 calls … that didn’t get made.

Since then, @BlueJersey had a back-and-forth on Twitter, with somebody purporting to be a regular volunteer there who claimed the bank was canceled for a “debate watch party.” I was never able to find out what “debate” she was talking about; the Gubernatorial Debate had been over for 48 hours. You can read that Twitter convo here (and no matter what, I thank her for weighing in).

So, flash forward: Victory 2017 is on it, and it looks like that will make a more productive plan going forward, respectful to all who come to volunteer their labors. Below, the email from volunteer coordinator Deborah Cornavaca. Like she said, there’s “work to do” as a party. Middlesex folks can phone bank and volunteer at Victory 2017, 65 Church Street, NB. And it looks like the folks running things there are eager for volunteers, and will treat them right, even if they’re locally-organized progressive Dems wearing CJPD buttons.

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  1. Matthew Brian Hersh

    This is good news!

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Agree 100%!


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