Phil Murphy’s new ad: “Bridges”. What do you think of it?

“They’re biggest triumph was a traffic jam.”
“We are better than this.”
– pullouts from “Bridges”

It’s not much of a reach to pile onto Kim Guadagno, Bridgegate’s dangerous trickery. Like the smart prosecutor he was, Christie managed to insulate himself from accountability; underlings will go to jail for him, like they engineered a traffic jam for him that endangered hundreds of thousands of commuters to punish a political enemy of his. But what about that underling of underlings, the LG? (By that I mean how he treated her, not the way I see her). She’s not directly implicated in Christie’s Bridge shenanigans, though she sure got herself stuck in his larger Port Authority muck, (allegedly) allowing herself to be used as his errand ‘girl’ to threaten Hoboken’s mayor Dawn Zimmer with the loss of desperately needed Hurricane Sandy relief unless she fell in line for his political pals (minus enough evidence to prove that). Lots of Christie goo spills on Kim; it’s her own fault. She chose, or was forced by Christie’s outsized gravitational pull, to stand silently by him as he did his worst. Uncritically. For years. And what about Bridgegate? When she finally spoke of it, she just bought Christie’s story, even though by then nobody else did. Her fake squirm away from him comes too late to salvage her. Too, too late altogether. And not just on the Bridge.

Murphy’s new ad counts Bridgegate, the beginning of Christie’s long fall, as just one his administration’s failures. Can Kim Guadagno escape that? What do you think, Blue Jersey? 

.@GovChristie and @KimGuadagnoNJ left New Jersey stuck. I’m serious about moving New Jersey forward.

Murphy photo: Todd Heisler, NYT

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  1. Matthew Brian Hersh

    I’m not smart enough to know if people will equate Guadagno with Bridgegate. Hell, I’m not sure people necessarily think of Chris Christie, but rather abstract Jersey corruption and patronage, when they hear “Bridgegate.”

    I am smart enough to think it’s a pretty safe, and necessary, bet to tie KG to Bridgegate. She owns every ounce of this administration’s failures and Murphy has to show that. He has to do other things, too, but this is a no-brainer. Remind, remind, remind.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    “Remind, remind, remind.” <--- YES. This.


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