Phil Murphy on Pod Save America

This week, Phil Murphy is on Pod Save America — a politics podcast featuring four former aides to President Obama.

The interview starts at 59:45. For those who have followed the campaign, the messaging should be familiar — Murphy clearly hits on the key themes of his campaign for this wider, national audience.

But there’s also several substantive conversations worth noting, and I wanted to highlight two of them for our Blue Jersey audience:

  1. Murphy gets deeply into the idea of a state bank, discussing the benefits of trying to keep New Jersey money local, and make sure if funds local infrastructure. I’ve heard Murphy talk about the state bank at numerous like events, but it seems like here he slowed down and gave a succinct vision. The hosts highlighted this as an innovative policy idea. My instinct is, after this exchange, this policy may be more than a curiosity. We may see other governors’ advocating the same policy in the next cycle of elections.
  2. Towards the end of the interview, there’s some explicit conversation about how to respond to race-baiting ads. Murphy is testing out some new language here. As we’ve talked about at Blue Jersey, this dynamic is bound to repeat itself. Republicans likely will continue to run these types of ads to rally the base. And Democrats have important strategic decisions to make about how to respond. Curious what Blue Jersey readers think about Phil Murphy’s response here. Let us know!

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