PCCC puts their muscle behind Dem challengers Lacey Rzeszowski, Lisa Bhimani & Vin Gopal

We have a lot of amazing women challenging seated Republicans in the NJ Legislature this year. Like scientists Christine Chen & Laura Shaw, hard-charging LD23 – GOP’s former safety-zone –  where Republicans were not prepared to compete in a meritocracy. And Laurie Poppe, top of the ticket in LD16, where Dems want to give Andrew Zwicker some company. And LD24’s Kate Matteson & Gina Trish, the sensible women running against Confederate-flag-posting, bitch”-calling Assemblyman Parker Space. And that’s just part of the crop of excellent candidates this year.

We just showed you how one of them – LD21’s Lacey Rzeszowski – is weaponizing Chris Christie’s dreadful reputation against her Republican incumbent opponents, clearly showing why Christies reliable legislative fan club shouldn’t get a second chance. And showing how, with wit and directness, how to tell voters what you need to without spending money challengers sometimes don’t have.

Now Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), co-founded by former NJDSC communications director Adam Green, is putting its muscle behind Lacey and LD25’s Lisa Bhimani (they’ve also endorsed LD11 Vin Gopal). In a fundraising email that also raises for 3 Virginia candidatesPCCC lays out how these two endorsed women can win. Here’s the whole email, called Flip a Romney/Clinton District:

These five state legislative districts in New Jersey and Virginia are some of the few that voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 — and rejected Donald Trump in 2016.

All are held by Republicans with elections in ONE WEEK.

District Our Candidate 2012 President 2016 President Swing
NJ-LD21 Lacey Rzeszowski Romney +9% Clinton +6% Dem +15%
NJ-LD25 Lisa Bhimani Romney +0% Clinton +8% Dem +9%
VA-HD10 Wendy Gooditis Romney +6% Clinton +4% Dem +10%
VA-HD40 Donte Tanner Romney +11% Clinton +4% Dem +15%
VA-HD72 Schuyler VanValkenburg Romney +9% Clinton +5% Dem +14%

Donate $1 each directly to their campaigns, and 5 more prime opportunities to flip state legislative seats in ONE WEEK.

Our recovery starts with flipping these seats from red to blue, and reminding core Democratic voters to vote in off-year elections.

Meet these 5 candidates:

Lacey Rzeszowski (NJ-LD21): The New York Times writes, “Spurred by the 2012 shooting rampage in Newtown, Conn., she had pressured local and federal lawmakers on gun control legislation, first on the backs of postcards and then in live confrontations in town halls and Congressional offices.” A mother of three that attended our New Jersy State Candidate Training in April 2017, she’s now running to pick up a Republican seat. Donate $1 to Lacey’s campaign.

Wendy Gooditis (VA-HD10): Outraged at Donald Trump, Wendy founded an Indivisible chapter in her strongly Republican neighborhood and grew it to over 300 members. Now, she’s running to beat a Republican incumbent in a district that Donald Trump lost by 4 points. She taught public school like her mother and grandmother, led male-dominated teams at Bell Labs, and now works as a realtor. Donate $1 or more to Wendy’s campaign.

Lisa Bhimani (NJ-LD25): is running for State Senate in District 25 after being fed up by the election of Trump, and 8 years under political bully Gov. Chris Christie. She’s a doctor and was a practicing OB-Gyn until Lyme disease gave her the fight of her life. Having recovered, she’s out to unseat one of Christie’s allies — Republican Senator Anthony Bucco. Lisa will fight for affordable universal health care, opportunities for women and women’s health, and for stronger gun violence prevention measures. Donate $1 or more to Lisa’s campaign.

Donte Tanner (VA-HD40): A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and Air Force veteran, Donte has spent the past decade serving his country as a government contractor. Now, he is ready to combine his years of experience making government more efficient and his commitment to service. Donte is running to put service before self. Donate $1 or more to Donte’s campaign.

Schuyler VanValkenburg (VA-HD72): Schuyler has spent the last decade teaching government and politics in public schools, and now he’s putting those lessons into action. Our public school system is under attack from billionaire Betsy DeVos and her Republican cronies, and Schuyler will defend his students’ education. The incumbent Republican, Bob Massie, saw Schuyler’s momentum and decided last-minute not to run again. Schuyler can win this open seat that Donald Trump lost by 4 points. Donate $1 or more to Schuyler’s campaign.

Our fight to take back the 1,000 state and local seats that Republicans have taken from us starts now. We’ve identified 10 Republican-held districts that rejected Donald Trump that need your help the most.

Donate $1 each directly to the campaigns of 10 prime opportunities to flip state legislative seats in ONE WEEK.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Kenton Ngo, PCCC Director of Analytics


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