News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Every Vote Counts: Today is the last day to register to vote in the November election!

Lieutenant Governor Debate: Oliver v. Rendo. My take is that Rendo was a better debater, able to regurgitate his sound bytes with conviction. But the bottom line is that this is a Murphy v. Guadagno contest, and Oliver’s trademark deliberate manner of oratory did not have much of an impact on the seven or eight people who watched the debate on NJTV. Rendo won the first half and Oliver surpassed him in the second half when more specific approaches were discussed – especially on the environment and social justice. The elephant in the room, property taxes, got the same lip service that it’s been getting for a decade or more.

I’ve been critical of Michael Aron in the past, but last night he did an outstanding job as moderator, keeping the candidates on track and using those pesky facts to challenge some of their answers. The moderators of last year’s presidential debates can learn from him.

If you watched it, what do you think?

Photo of the Day: The two women who ran for Lieutenant Governor and would have made a difference instead of just being Christie enablers. Loretta Weinberg ran in 2009 and Milly Silva in 2013. (From Milly Silva’s Facebook page).

Kiss of Death? The nation’s most unpopular governor urges the nation’s most popular shopping site to come to Newark. Blue Jersey’s Stephen Danley takes a critical look at this action.

President Obama will come to the Garden State on Thursday to lend his support to gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy.

Given that Trump supporters typically accuse their opponents of doing things that they themselves are doing, it’s clear that Kim Guadagno is running for President.

What’s the difference between Bob McDonnell and Bob Menendez? Our Senator is still in danger of going to jail.

New Jersey’s pharmaceutical industry is alive and kicking as one company brings hundreds of jobs to Bedminster.

Remember that $750 million bond issue we voted on five years ago? It’s starting to pay off and our kids will benefit from it.

Pride-Friendly Revival: Gloucester County town wants to rebuild itself by touting its LGBTQ-friendly attitude.

How wealthy is your Congresscritter? NJ Spotlight has the answer.

Speaking of drugs: The case involving public employees and fraudulent prescriptions gets more and more complicated.

Atlantic County People – You voted for this? – Freeholder who sported traitorous flag lapel now says women who protest should be home in time to cook dinner.

The Pope has returned. After being kidnapped from a Washington Township church, Pope Francis has been released unharmed


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