News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, October 10, 2017

TONIGHT at 7 PM – The first gubernatorial debate. Only the two major party nominees will participate.

Discord in the Murphy Campaign: His LG candidate, Sheila Oliver, supports the boycott of Israel.

In other news: The sky is blue. Gun safety group endorses Murphy for Governor.

Want to know more about the election? Check out NJ Spotlight’s Election Guide.

Every vote counts. Or does it?

Trump’s dereliction of duty in his handling of the disaster in Puerto Rico is being offset by residents of Newark.

What can New Jersey get for 5 billion dollars? A foot in the door on the bid for Amazon’s HQ2.

How will trump’s elimination of the local tax deduction affect New Jersey residents? Check out this map.

Silver lining: more women running for office in New Jerseytrump’s “presidency” is resulting in

He’s back. Perrenial candidate Steve Lonegan defends Christopher Columbus.

Stephen Komninos’ Law: Christie signs bill to protect people who have developmental disabilities

Nice work if you can get it. An attorney for the Lakewood Board of Education makes more money than our so-called president and our peripatetic governor combined.

Are you registered to vote in the November election? If not, you only have one week to do so. Every vote counts.

New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Laws: Patients are still having problems with it.

Will global climate change increase the cost of your Thanksgiving dinner? New Jersey cranberry growers are affected by unseasonably warm weather.

Headlne of the Day: NJ Plumber steals quarter million dollars worth of comic books and flees to Italy.

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