News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday

Poem by Carl Sandburg, undated and unpublished, found recently in the Sandburg archives at University of Illinois. Sandburg died in 1967. Hat/tip Adrian DeVore.

Today: Frelinghuysen’s Columbus Day Sell-Out!  (Also, DNC Chair Tom Perez in NJ, read below)

Monarch butterflies are migrating. They stopped in Bayonne.

Rutgers law professor on the Menendez trial: When a bribe is not a bribe.

Chronic problems in NJ Nursing Board put patients at risk, critics say

Want to see an end to online sales of ammunition? So do Frank Pallone and Bonnie Watson Coleman

Need hope for gun control? Think marriage equality. (The Auditor)

Joe Biden wants “compromise.” Progressives don’t want to hear it. (New Republic)






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