News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Oct. 23, 2017


Hillary does another high-dollar funder in NJ, her first since losing to Trump, this time for Phil Murphy 

Matched set: Bill Clinton coming Tuesday to headline a rally for Murphy

Quote of the Day #1 goes to LD14 Republican Ileana Schirmer:
“To me, Chris Christie, as a Republican looking at him, I am embarrassed and disappointed to have a governor who has thrown New Jersey under the bus because he didn’t get what he wanted, which is to be president.”
Schirmer, from Scorn for Christie unites both candidates in close NJ Senate race (Observer)

And you thought it was just a nice place to catch up on your college roomie. ‘Clowns,’ ‘trailer trash,’ losers.! Brutal local battles now fought on FB

Tom Moran makes the case for why Kim Guadagno’s marijuana plan, while more likely to win approval, is destructive


Quote of the Day#2  goes to Sarah Leonard of The Nation, writing in the New York Times:
“But the resistance can’t just adopt the symbols and language of revolutionaries. It has to involve the whole package — including radical leadership and ideas. To win meaningful victories, the resistance needs to look beyond the White House or even Congress, and toward solutions that attack inequality and injustice at its roots. That will require not just energy and money but also listening to and working with activists who have been resisting since long before Mr. Trump arrived on the political scene and who might have opinions far to the left of the Democratic Party.”
– Sarah Leonard, Is Donald Trump Turning Liberals Into Radicals?

Sgt. La David Johnson’s wife Myeshia Johnson will be on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning.

If you were among those women outraged that Bernie Sanders was invited by the organizers of the Women’s March to speak at the Women’s Convention, I hope you’ll consider the points made here by Katie Halper: Selective Feminism and the Myth of the Bernie Bro: The Backlash to Sanders and the Women’s Convention (Paste)

Millennials FTW: “Millennials are subscribing to legacy news publications in record numbers – and at a growth rate, data suggests, far outpacing any other age group. Since November’s election, the New Yorker, for instance, has seen its number of new millennial subscribers more than double from over the same period a year earlier. According to the magazine’s figures, it has 106 percent more new subscribers in the 18-34 age range and 129 percent more from 25-34.” (Jason Schwartz, Politico)


Fight back: Congress deals a blow to NJ taxpayers and seeks to enrich the already rich

Trump’s proposed overhaul of the tax code is putting New Jersey’s Republicans in an uncomfortable position

Cory Booker endorses Ben Jealous for Maryland Govtaking another step toward national progressives and directly pitting himself against Christie and his strong backing of Gov. Larry Hogan.

Kean University is spending $313k on a marketing campaign to teach you how to say KEAN

Donald Norcross and Tom MacArthur, leaders of a bipartisan opioid task force, urge Trump to declare a national emergency, which Christie has been unable to get him to do


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