News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday the 13th of October

WTF Kimmie?


Did she do it because she’s really that ignorant or to rally Republicans who don’t care about her? Guadagno’s r.acist ad draws a firestorm of criticism, including a community protest outside her Monmouth County office at 10AM today.

Well, here’s a clue: Murphy raised 3x what Guadagno has and has 6x more money in the bank. Send in those nickels and dimes now, racist Guadagno fans. She needs ya.

What was Guadagno after in that ad? Probably headlines like this one: Guadagno’s immigration attack ad links Murphy to convicted killer

“Believe me.”


His party clearly unable to govern, or fulfill a promise to replace Obamacare with “something so much better, believe me,” Trump will now try to take down the ACA by ending subsidies serving the poorest customers on the ACA exchanges.

5 things Trump just did that could kill Obamacare

What could possibly go wrong? Trump to de-certify nuclear deal.

Trump to Puerto Rico: Drop dead. Actually, Al Doblin puts it much better than that, and nails Trump on hypocrisy.

Trump says his tax plan would help small businesses. It may actually hurt them.

Yeah, sorry for us paying so much more to underwrite the Republican states we’re keeping alive so y’all can hate us.  Paul Ryan blasts states that send billions to the federal government. Your failure to govern? Not our fault.

Pallone takes Trump administration’s plan to have ratepayers subsidize coal and nuclear power to offset losses due to competition with cheaper natural gas.



What you can see only at low tide in the Meadowlands that hints at the area’s ecological past.

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