News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Oct. 27, 2017


In LD25, (photo above), the local paper urges an all-GOP district now be ripped by 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. The Observer-Tribune endorsed Democrat Dr. Lisa Bhimani over Republican Senator Anthony Bucco. And in the Assembly race, urges re-election of Bucco’s son, Republican Asm Anthony Bucco, but does not endorse longtime Republican incumbent Michael Patrick Carroll, instead endorsing Democrat Rich Corcoran. In Christie’s home district, the paper also endorsed Guadagno for Gov.

LD21’s Lacey Rzeszowski weaponizes Chris Christie against her GOP opponents better than anyone else. Period.

Hoboken mayoral candidates debate issues at public forum

Greenwald decries Trump’s ‘heartless attacks’ against fallen soldier families

Remember when Christie said he’d keep out little 5-year-old Syrian refugees? Murphy says he’d revers Christie’s anti-refugee resettlement order


Who are New Jersey’s progressives, and how should we engage with the Democratic Party? Grassroots Progressives, Indivisible, and Negotiating with the Democratic Party.

DNC is sending money for our 2017 races, for digital, data tech and GOTV. But they won’t say how much or if certain races are targeted over others (oh you can guess that second one)



Sen. Bob Menendez was moved to tears outside the courtroom at his corruption trial as Cory Booker and Lindsey Graham who came to testify about our senior senator’s character and work in Congress. Neither has heard the testimony in the ongoing case. A motion for mistrial, argued vociferously by the defense for more than an hour, fell flat


Both say there’s a “lack of transparency” in Mayor Steve Fulop’s administration: Why NAACP and Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association are joining forces

Who knows commuter hell better than commuters? This is a good idea – Outgoing NJ senator Ray Lesniak’s petition drive to generate support for his legislation to give NJ Transit commuters a bigger say in how the organization is run by creating seats for regular bus and train riders on the agency’s board of directors

A dream deferred? Camden home where Martin Luther King Jr stayed while in seminary remains in limbo

Top neo-Nazi shock jock grew up in the NJ suburbsand had a Jewish wife.

Hey South Jersey Halloweeners:  At Pitman’s House of Terror, a fireman’s labor of love with his neighbors, your ticket price goes to feed hungry local people.

NJ inks 10-year pact on taking water from Delaware River




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