LD21: #ThisGuy Chris Christie co-stars (not that he wants to) in Lacey Rzeszowski’s super-effective web ads – nailing him on issue after issue

I think better than anyone else, LD21 Dem challenger Lacey Rzeszowski has weaponized the universally despised Christie against the Republican incumbents she’s running to unseat. She’s got this series of video spots called #ThisGuy, with a life-sized cardboard cutout of the Guv – Flat Chris Christie – co-starring in each. They’re short. They’re funny. Flat Christie’s a good straight man. And they’re direct; Lacey never leaves you just hating on Christie (too easy), but always nails her opponents’ complicity backing him up. (Wisely, these spots don’t advertise her opponents’ name for them – she’s running against GOP’s Jon Bramnick and Nancy Munoz).

Past #This Guy spots have zeroed in on: Bridgegate (her opponents’ failure to call out Christie on what his scandal’s cost us); property taxes/school funding; the incumbents’ mindlessly backing Christie instead of sound policy; talking wind power while struggling to hold onto Flat Christie somewhere on Jersey’s windy shore; standing in a pothole to talk transportation infrastructure; asking Flat Christie why corporations sending jobs out of state are getting tax subsidies (Flat Christie’s got nothing).

In today’s #ThisGuy, Lacey goes out-of-district – to Elizabeth and Planned Parenthood. Why? Because there is no PP in 21; Elizabeth is closest. Christie, she reports, is the first governor in the nation to defund PP and she walks through what that means; the loss of preventative screenings for women, and the cost of that loss – in dollars, and in the impact on women’s lives (yes, including birth control). STD’s up, unwanted pregancies up. And her opponents backed Christie “veto after veto after veto” on funding it.  And – thank you, Lacey! – her ad advocates not just her own campaign but also that we fund Planned Parenthood. Sent this woman to the NJ Assembly!

For more on Lacey’s campaign:
Lacey’s website.

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