ICYMI: Bernie Wipes the Floor with Princeton Debate Champ Ted Cruz (Video)

I’ve had to go to a lot of local meetings in my town the last few days, so I’m missing Barack Obama in for Phil Murphy today in Newark, but also I had to miss seeing two debates that both happened last night, one Jersey and one national; the face-off between Murphy and Guadagno up at William Paterson University but also the debate between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on tax policy.

This is one of the things I like best about Bernie Sanders; the guy will go anywhere and talk to anybody – Trump voters in Wisconsin, disaffected Democrats in states Hillary lost alongside DNC’s Tom Perez, would-be Obamacare take-down artists Bill Cassidy & Lindsay Graham on why his single-payer proposals are better. Seriously, this guy doesn’t need to be focus-grouped, he doesn’t need 8 consultants massaging how he phrases things, and he doesn’t insult and alienate people who see stuff differently *cough* Hillary *cough*. He’s not afraid of anybody, he knows what he thinks and he’s looking to find common ground.

Even, goddess help us, with Ted Cruz, who I have to say is about the dumbest, most tightly-wound pipsqueak that ever walked the marble halls of Congress. Bernie wouldn’t call him that though; senators mostly manage not to, a superpower I don’t have.  For a brief, shiny moment in the 1990’s,  that Princeton boy Ted Cruz was the top debater in the USA (seriously), as Walter Einenkel reminds us in a great post at Daily Kos today – which could not be better titled: Bernie Sanders crushing Ted Cruz on tax reform is so much fun to watchHoo-boy! Einenkel pulled out a particularly choice bit to show off how Cruz tried some Princeton debate team magic on Bernie, and Bernie just wipes the floor with him. If you have just a sec, go watch that snippet (Walter’s link just above). If you really want to feel refreshed, bookmark this and watch the whole shebang tonight – after you’re done doorknocking or phone banking for the governor or Jersey legislator of your choice. Because you’ll be doing that, right? 

Below, the full debate, 49 minutes (skip ad after 5 seconds). Oh and also? Denmark RULES (you’ll see).

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