Handmaid’s Tale Resistance – Today at Rep. Chris Smith’s Office in Freehold (Photos, Video)

This is a Handmaid’s Tale Resistance demonstration, today outside the Freehold offices of anti-choice Republican zealot Rep. Chris Smith. We have video, posted at District 4 Coalition for Change (Facebook); video I believe was taken by my friend Jim Tobias. And we have photos from both that group and Freehold Dems (Facebook). Among speakers today were: Christine Sadovy, Advocacy Director at Planned Parenthood and my Flemington homegirl (who grew up in Chris Smith’s district); Sue Fulton, one of the first women to ever graduate from West Point and an advocate for equality in the military for women, LGBTQ and transgender people.

It isn’t easy to pull off something like this. Big ups to the organizers, and the handmaids. And to Sue Fulton, whose powerful singing voice you’ll hear at the end as the handmaids walk two-by-two. I hope Chris Smith was properly embarrassed. He should be. His attitudes toward women are backward, and his policies destructive. Time for him to go. Time for that to be a statewide priority. Below, photos, then a video of speakers of the Handmaid’s Resistance speakers.

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