Calling All ‘Safe Democrats’

Here in New Jersey, there are a few ‘Safe Democrats’ in Congress. These are elected folks from very, very blue constituencies, and seemingly gerrymandered liberal districts. These folks know who they are, so we don’t need to name names.

But, to those folks, who dangerously never really need to worry about reelection, who never risk a conservative uprising; Post Some Controversial Gun Bills.

It would be great if certain safe dems took advantage of the great privilege they have, knowing that:

1. Nobody pays attention long enough to care about individual votes;
2. Most voters just look at the top of a ticket and vote blue;
3. They likely have immense local, county, and state backing as well as insane establishment backing.

I despise the crooked nature that is New Jersey electoral probabilities. But, while it exists with a “D” for a title, let’s act like Democrats in a world that needs desperate change, especially while the representative has nothing to lose. We can’t make change unless someone is trying. And, if nobody is trying, then aren’t we all just doing the “thoughts and prayers” dance?


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