Blue Jersey Poll: Should the Gubernatorial Debates Be “Open”?

TONIGHT: First Gubernatorial Debate
When: Tuesday, Oct.10 at 7 pm
Where: New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Newark
Participating candidates: Phil Murphy, Kim Guadagno
Got a question for the candidates? Tweet it here.

Vote in our Poll! 5 gubernatorial candidates did not qualify for the debates; Green Party’s Seth Kaper-Dale, Libertarian Peter Rohrman, and independents Gina Genovese, Matthew Richard, Vincent Ross. There’s a $430,000 threshold of funds raised to participate. On Facebook, I see proponents of some of the other candidates saying these debates should be open. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Should the 2017 Gubernatorial Debates be “open”?

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  1. vmars

    I don’t think this solves the problem of third party candidates having trouble being heard, and it creates a situation of an attack dog just getting signatures enough to get to the debates to disrupt them.

    Until the structural stranglehold of the parties on elections in NJ is broken, nice civic minded stuff like this will achieve little good and open up opportunites for major bad.


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