A Bold Progressive Voice of the People

“A bold progressive voice of the people” is how Jim Keady describes himself in an interview conducted in his Spring Lake home yesterday afternoon. The congressional candidate in District 4 just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico to help in the cleanup from Hurricane Maria and determine ways to help the victims of both the hurricane and trump’s indifference to their catastrophe.

Keady has had a lot of experience dealing with disasters and oppression. From Governor Christie’s mishandling of Hurricane Sandy (where Keady was told by the governor to “sit down and shut up”), to the sweatshops of Indonesia and Viet Nam, to the Syrian refugee camps in Greece, Keady has seen more pain, suffering, and mismanagement than one person should in a lifetime.

Recounting his visit to Puerto Rico, Keady has some specific suggestions as to what trump should be doing to ramp up the moribund response that the federal government has made so far.

All of the photos embedded in the video were supplied by Jim Keady.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    “We don’t mean anything to capitalism.”
    “Puerto Rico is a prize” “for anyone who (finishes?) here.”

    I think this video needs some clarification. We don’t know for sure where it is – she says “Sheraton” in Puerto Rico, as she walks around a big lobby where people she identifies as government contractors, FEMA, national journalists and even “cops from Jersey” are gathered at tables, some drinking, some people in the adjacent casino. We don’t know if this is every night, and we don’t know how hard a work day any of these people put in before what is obviously a night of relaxation.

    But I offer it as contrast to what Jim describes above, and what the woman in the video talks about as she walks through a vast lobby – with obvious power and lights, fresh water and food – saying she can’t believe this hotel hasn’t been turned into a shelter for the people without all these things.

    Here’s the video.


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