2018 House races: the most competitive in many years

The Congressional primary is almost eight months away. However, the candidates are busy trying to fill their war chests for what will likely be NJ’s most competitive congressional races in many years.

Already there are more candidates than normal. In CD 07 there are seven challengers (six D’s and one R). In CD 11 there are six challengers (five D’s and one R.) Some challengers have amassed a sizable sum – the R’s in CD 05, and the D’s in CD 03, 07, and 11. There is still plenty of time for additional Republican and Democratic candidates to file for the primary.

On the part of Democrats much interest and effort are focussed on CD 02, 03, 04, 07 and 11 where there are Republican incumbents. Last election we flipped CD 05 to Democrat Josh Gottheimer. 2018 represents an opportunity to flip one or more Republican districts, but it always requires considerable effort, support and funding to beat an incumbent. Republicans appear to be focussing their strongest effort on recapturing CD 05.

BELOW IS THE CASH ON HAND through Sep 30 as reported to the Federal Election Committee. This table only shows candidates who have registered and filed a financial report. The incumbent in each district is listed first and underlined. If you are unsure in which district you reside go here.

CD 01: NORCROSS, DONALD (D): $633,908.60.

CD 02: LOBIONDO, FRANK A. (R): $461,582.8;  YOUNGBLOOD, TANZIE: (D): $9,486.25;  THOM, SEAN A: (D): $0.00.

CD 03: MACARTHUR, THOMAS (R): $864,590.21;  KIM, ANDY (D): $216,223.88;  HARTMAN, KATHERINE (D): $13,884.38.

CD 04: SMITH, CHRISTOPHER H (R): $369,275.55;  KEADY, JAMES (D): $45,686.52;  KEELING, MIKE (D): $0.00; WELLE, JOSH (D): $0.00.

CD 05: GOTTHEIMER, JOSH (D): $2,001,685.25;  LONEGAN, STEVEN (R): $563,515.03;  SARNOSKI, JASON (R): $38,792.09.

CD 06: PALLONE, FRANK JR (D): $1,220,253.15.

CD7 07: LANCE, LEONARD (R): $462,847.55;  MANDELBLATT, LISA (D): $235,050.27;  WEBER, LINDA (D): $149,827.23;  JOIS, GOUTAM UMESH (D): $101,102.52;  SALMON, SCOTT (D): $57,592.31;  JACOB, PETER (D): $14,251.08;  BROWN, LINDSAY CHRISTINE (R): $0.00;  MALINOWSKI, TOM (D): $0.00.

CD 08: SIRES, ALBIO (D): $237,973.49.

CD 09: PASCRELL, WILLIAM J. JR. (D): $1,498,492.49;  WILDES, MICHAEL: (D): $767,017.82.

CD 10: PAYNE, DONALD M., JR. (D): $80,586.12.

CD 11: FRELINGHUYSEN, RODNEY P. (R): $970,725.35;  SHERRILL, REBECCA MICHELLE (D): $495,568.42;  HARRIS, TAMARA (D): $448,290.53;  BARTLETT, JOHN (D): $247,134.73;  HEWITT, MARTIN (R): $405.48;  GEBBIA, JACK (D): $0.00;  WASHBURNE, MARK JOSEPH (D): $0.00.

CD 12: COLEMAN, BONNIE WATSON (D): $128,909.34.

Some questions with uncertain answers: What influence will President Trump have in our 2018 election? If he fails miserably in his agenda it would help Democrats. Will there be a strong Trump supporter challenging a Republican incumbent? For the Democrats there is the concern that establishment party bosses will make it more difficult for progressive, resistance-oriented candidates. There is already some funding from outside independent sources and there will be more such money spent in the future, all of which can influence the result. Although House races tend be based on local issues, what impact if any will our new governor have on the races?

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  1. deciminyan

    In CD-3, Katie Hartman has dropped out, citing the onerous burden of raising tons of money. She is a local attorney with her own business and has decided not to take a sabbatical in order to run. The other Democratic contender, Andy Kim, has been working full-time on his 2018 campaign.

    In CD-2, Tanzie Youngblood has assembled a grass-roots support team, and has spoken with the powers-that-be in DC, but is yet to hire a professional campaign staff.

    In CD-4, I will be interviewing Jim Keady later today about his trip to Puerto Rico to help hurricane victims, with video posted tonight or early tomorrow.

    Photo: Tanzie Youngblood with civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis.


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