Trumpcare Bill Fizzles Because Republicans Are Horrible at Governing Even When They Control All Branches of Government

When it came down to it, only Maine Sen. Susan Collins questioned the policy agenda of the so-called Graham-Cassidy Health Care bill, which proposed cuts to Medicaid and would have rolled back protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

But add Sen. John McCain to the nay column, who has repeatedly (and frankly admirably) called for “regular order” when it comes to making decisions on bigly policy, and Sen. “Ayn” Rand Paul, who doesn’t quite understand the governance part of governance, and you have yet another attempt at undoing Obamacare headed for the dead letter office because the Senate Republican caucus could not muster up enough votes despite a four-seat majority. Democrats, on the other hand, stood in solidarity.

The postmortems are hilarious. The president called the Republican dissenters “so-called Republicans.” I guess McCain’s hawkish track record and Paul’s tea party stylings aren’t enough for Trump, never mind Collins’ bougie New England brand of Republicanism, a dying breed, mind you.

It’s heartening that voters across the country never stopped calling their representatives in the face of a pending Obamacare repeal. But this isn’t the end of the story. Far from it. There will be a next time and it will likely be very soon.


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