TMac’s Chief of Staff Crosses the Line

Photo: Frank Luna addressing constituents from Action Together Burlington County

The first time I encountered Frank Luna was during the 2014 campaign when he was Tom MacArthur’s Campaign Manager. MacArthur, who hailed from 70 miles outside the Third Congressional District was running for the seat vacated by Jon Runyan against Aimee Belgard. I was a full-time volunteer on Belgard’s campaign.

Frank and I didn’t have much interaction back then, but the few times we did, even though we disagreed, he was civil and courteous.

After MacArthur entered Congress, Luna was appointed to manage MacArthur’s District Office. So he went from a campaign flack to a government employee. There are different rules of engagement in those two jobs. As a government employee, he is expected to serve all constituents, regardless of their political bent. Luna missed that part of his new employee orientation.

Geoff Ginter

Geoff Ginter

The first time I encountered Geoff Ginter was at a MacArthur Town Hall in Willingboro. Ginter is a no-nonsense medical professional who politely but forcefully berated MacArthur on the congressman’s refusal to support health care for all Americans. After that encounter, which is all over YouTube, I complemented MacArthur for keeping his cool and listening to Ginter, even as the Congressman continued his quest to represent the Koch Brothers and not his constituents.

Recently, Ginter and Luna have engaged in a Twitter war (below), and unlike his boss, Luna has acted unprofessionally. But it’s not the first time. Several weeks ago, Luna orchestrated a synchronized blaring of car horns when clergy were holding a press conference at the district office to advocate for Obamacare.

People in politics can agree to disagree. But Luna’s conduct is over the line, and hopefully, his boss will have a private sit-down session with him and train him on civility and boundaries.

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  1. Barbara Blonsky

    As a constituent who has visited the Congressman’s office I have been appalled by Frank Luna’s behavior. He is rude, dismissive, and arrogant. It is shocking that the Congressman who choose such an individual to be his representative.

    I am at the office regularly….and, yes, my views are very different than the Congressman. Other staff members are aloof, but polite. I don’t expect a warm welcome when they see me. However, the vitriol of Luna is out of line.

  2. Dr. Richard Roemer

    Frank has raised insolence to an art form. It is a shame that he acts as if he were a US Senator or a congressman rather than, actually, a hired hand, living off the federal trough.

  3. deciminyan (Post author)

    After reading this piece, Frank sent me this photo and asked me to post it to Blue Jersey. I’m glad to do so. Without comment.

  4. Pam Gray

    I had taken part in many protests and activities outside of Jon Runyan’s office in Mt. Laurel over the years. Although, we never met with Congressman Runyan, the people that represented him at his office there, were never anything but polite and professional. They never acted disrespectful or discourteous to us. We were always allowed to fill out comment cards for the Congressman. They are paid to listen to ALL of the constituents not just those that agree with their viewpoint. Frank Luna is none of the above. He is out and out rude and disrespectful. He forgets that we ALL pay his salary!


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