The Sign at Morris County Republican Headquarters

If you walk by Chris Christie’s home GOP clubhouse, there’s a sign on the front door that makes everybody behind the door look like an asshole. This is 26 Schuyler Place, Morristown; photographed a few days ago by Siva Jonnada of NJ 11th for Change. Small, but right at eye-level. Can’t miss it. A bigger photo of the full door is below.

There are Republicans with whom policy ideas and differences can be intelligently hashed out. Sometimes that happens in Congress (less and less). Reality is that there are men and women of good will on both sides of the aisle, perhaps unevenly distributed. Sometimes the partisans are the worst. 

That’s what we have here.

The sign announces to passers-by that what’s going on behind the door isn’t about producing the best policies they can, from their viewpoint. It doesn’t take governance seriously at all. It’s a school-yard taunt. Nya-nya-nya. Parties, both of them, can be like that. So much of people’s hopes, dreams and time goes into campaigns that sometimes the winners are sore winners, frat-boy chest bumping their dominance. In this case, it’s a particularly bad look for Morris Republicans. 3 reasons:

Sign, just under “Republican Headquarters”

(1) The Republican president (won Morris bigly) has a maturity problem of his own, both in his personal pussy-grabbing, bully-boy conduct, and especially his governance, which even reliable conservatives call unstable.

(2) Chris Christie, homegrown Guv, is an embarrassment. Can’t control his mouth. Scandal-plagued administration. National news for the wrong reasons. Approval rating in the toilet. You’d think they’d want to rise above the bully-boy taunt that’s so Christie.

(3) Morris Republicans have the most reliably conservative congressman in NJ, elected over-and-over (maybe not in 2018); most powerful member of the delegation. Doesn’t Rep. Frelinguysen require decorum in his home party? That sign, next to his campaign posters plastering the door, reflects on him. Not well.

I don’t really care if Morris GOP has this sign. Maybe the attitude’s truly their level. Maybe they think putting everyone through this cringeworthy president is equivalent to their having to live through 8 years of the well-educated black president we just had. But I’m amazed some smarter-than-average local Republican volunteer, pouring out her work behind the door, hasn’t questioned if this is really how she or he wants passers-by to think of her.

But, no. And so it goes.


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