Time for Action (Again!): Senate Republicans Readying Another Take-down Try at Obamacare – This Time with John McCain on Their Side

The alerts began dropping into our inboxes over the weekend, a trickle that began with a warning from Indivisible. In the last few hours, it’s a deluge. Drop. Drop. Drop. Just days after 17 senators, including Cory Booker, stood with Bernie Sanders for Medicare-for-All, the Republicans are prepared to try and take down the ACA again. It’s called Graham-Cassidy, and it’s bad. And this time John McCain is ready to join the kill.

In a few minutes, an email will will drop from NJ Citizen Action. They’ve been a crucial lead in the fight to confront any effort by Republicans in Congress to take down the Affordable Care Act, which has included weekly vigils and visits – including in the snow and rain – to our Republican House reps.  There’s a plan of action. Let me give you a preview of what’s in the email:

  • Urgent calls: Link to call your your own congressman, Dem or GOP
  • Wednesday 11am-3pm: Delegations of 7 people to visit each GOP House member’s district office
  • Friday 11am in Trenton: Statewide event. Results of the Pledge: We are asking our Republican members of Congress this: Instead of threatening to repeal the ACA, pledge immediate support to fund cost sharing reductions, oppose any cuts to ACA coverage and protections and Medicaid, and promote the ACA’s upcoming Open Enrollment period (November 1-December 15) to their constituents. (Event location: Trenton War Memorial)

Focus is on all 5 of our GOP House members, but particularly on Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo, and Chris Smith. You’ll have this email shortly. Not on NJCA’s list? Click the link under JOIN US!
Below, here are some clips from alerts that all dropped today.

MoveOn.org (texted message):
 I know, it seemed like the ACA fight was over. And the media is behind on this, not yet reporting the severity of the situation we’re in. But behind the scenes, a group of hard-right Republicans—including former senator Rick Santorum—have been gathering GOP support in the Senate for a repeal bill just as destructive than the ones that failed this summer.And this time, they might have Senator John McCain’s vote, which is enough to pass this Trumpcare bill if no other senators flip (it was just one vote that stopped Trumpcare in July). Time is short. The Senate parliamentarian has ruled that Republicans have to pass their repeal by September 30 or start the process over from scratch. That’s why the GOP is wasting no time—they’re rushing toward a vote in less than two weeks.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (by email):
The Republicans want you to believe that their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act is dead. They want to slip in below the radar and take one more run at repealing health care coverage for millions of Americans. Here’s the reason they are moving now: Senate Republicans have until September 30th to repeal the Affordable Care Act with only 50 votes.

Democracy for America (by email):
Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy have cobbled together a new bill and their approach has the verbal support of John McCain, who cast the critical vote to defeat “skinny repeal”. If passed, the Graham-Cassidy plan would gut coverage for preexisting conditions and roughly thirty-two million people would lose their coverage.

DNC Chair Tom Perez (by email):
Mitch McConnell only needs 50 Republican votes to pass repeal. By some counts, he already has 48 or 49 lined up. [snip] We need to fight back like never before. We’ve already proven that this grassroots movement can stop repeal. Now, we need to turn the heat all the way up.

Social Security Works (by email):
They want us to focus on what makes this version different from the earlier ones. But the bottom line is this: Trumpcare still destroys Medicare and devastates Medicaid. Millions of Americans will still lose insurance if this passes—by some estimates, as many as 32 million. And they’re still trying to ram it through on a fast track basis to hide its effects from the American people.

Doctors for America (Action Alert):
The new repeal bill, known as Cassidy-Graham-Heller, is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to repeal the ACA. I

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