Red Alert for Healthcare – Friday actions to take now

Republican senators can’t explain Graham-Cassidy. They’ve got political platitudes, but they don’t have answers for what the legislation will do. And they don’t want to know. They want this rushed through – after a season of humiliating losses for Republicans in Congress and the White House – before the deadline of 11:59pm on September 30, 2017. More importantly, they don’t want you to know. They want to ram this through before a CBO score confirms to Americans what independent research already tells them; within 10 years 32 million more people could be left uninsured. Doctors, insurance companies & patient groups oppose it. Jimmy Kimmel, bless him and his kid, won’t let up, won’t shut up,  and won’t back down nailing the hypocritical Sen. Bill Cassidy to the wall – and the GOP wants to change the convo pronto. They’re working Sen. Lisa Murkowski hard, wooing her for her Obamacare repeal vote by promising her Alaska won’t have to lose Obamacare. It’s nuts. They’re throwing all the spaghetti at the wall, putting party over good, or even responsible governing. Right now, New Jerseyans are rallying against Graham-Cassidy in Newark. Right now, there’s a rally against TrumpCare in Newark. Our two senators are against it (and Cory Booker’s now for single-payer) but there’s plenty you can do here in this blue state, and the stakes are high.

This is ‘Repeal and Go Fuck Yourself’ and they count on us to be tired, distracted. So we can’t be.

STOP THE GRAHAM CASSIDY BILL – everything here takes less than 15 minutes:

  1. Here’s a great tool for us in blue states to reach out to allies in red states – try it!
  2. Contact your Congressperson: Tell them to publicly oppose the Graham Cassidy repeal plan.
  3. Indivisible has a great guide on Graham-Cassidy – with a good script to help you call.
  4. Graham-Cassidy & New Jersey:
    • Cuts ACA Marketplace subsidies for millions (more than 200k New Jerseyans), end them completely in 2027.
    • End Medicaid expansion and caps and makes deep cuts to the rest of the Medicaid program
    • Redistributes funds from states like NJ that expanded Medicaid to those that refused to expand
    • Even Chris Christie’s against it, though Republicans lobbied him to support it, because as he says it would leach almost $4 billion from people in New Jersey

Kimmel somebody: Share this video of Jimmy Kimmel, whose son would die under Trumpcare if Kimmel wasn’t rich. He explains what’s at stake beautifully and in under 7 minutes; it might move somebody you know to act better than anything else can:


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