News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Opioid Crisis: Christie to spend $200 million to address the problem. (Chart above:

Rutgers scientists continue post-Sandy research. Using unmanned underwater vehicles, scientists on the Piscataway campus are recording and modeling hurricanes to assist in better prediction.

Making College accessible to all. Phil Murphy puts a price tag on free tuition at community colleges.

Menendez Trial: What kinds of evidence are admissible? Meanwhile, his support for re-election is dropping.

State Capital: Trenton firefighters receive layoff notices.

Newark but not Camden. While the state takeover of Newark’s schools is coming to an end, Christie’s hand-picked Camden superintendent says that city’s school are not ready to be liberated.

Mini Trump?. After a weekend with three murders, Trenton’s top cop plays golf.

Plainsboro Apartment complex has a new landlord. The same guy who’s supposed to be brokering Middle East peace.

Sign of the times: More anti-Semitism in New Jersey.

It ain’t over til it’s over. Environmentalists continue to fight the Penn East pipeline.

Planning on dying in New Jersey? Read this first.

One Hundred Best Places to Live in the U.S. – Four are in New Jersey.

Not New Jersey – but big news on the Trump Crime Syndicate.

Gasoline Tax will not be raised on October 1.

Uber for Rickshaws: Congratulations to the Rutgers Business School team for winning the $1 million Hult Prize.



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