News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We have 10 days to stop TrumpCare. How you can stop TrumpCare from a blue state. (Indivisible). Bipartisan health care talks shut down amid rush to repeal.

The bill would eliminate the mandate that even healthy people buy health insurance, end the subsidies that help people purchase coverage and stop the expansion of Medicaid. It would offer states block grants they could use to help people get insurance but would leave people at the mercy of individual state legislatures and, over all, would provide $239 billion less than what the federal government would spend under current law between 2020 and 2026, according to the Center on Budget and Policy  PrioritiesWorse, it would be huge blow to NJ because the formula for determining state grants would penalize the 31 states that expanded Medicaid under the A.C.A,

Christie’s new opioid push could cost $240M: will require diverting funds in budget.  (it’s amazing how he can find money in the budget when he wants to.)

Menendez trial: Past prostitution allegations resurface briefly, then pushed aside by the judge, as prosecution lays out case.

Former President Barack Obama will host an event this fall for Democratic nominee for governor Phil Murphy.

“The Best Reform for the Campaign Finance System is Strengthening Political Parties: It seems both sides of the issue of how to properly finance campaigns are fiddling around the edges rather than seeking truly meaningful reform.” (OpEd – Jeffrey Brindle, Exec. Dir., NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission)

Rep. Frelinghuysen’s critics dispute his record, saying his promotion of Republican agenda is damaging to Garden State.

Assemblyman Coughlin, who soon may become Speaker, dons fundraising warpaint in battleground districts, and raises $400K.

Harvey and Irma disasters could lead to tax refunds for Sandy victims.

The U. S. is moving to strip a New Jersey man of his citizenship, alleging that he failed to disclose a previous deportation order.

Regardless of party, voters strongly oppose paying to keep nuclear plants up and running, despite tough competition from natural gas.

Tropical storm José might bring gusty winds and rip tides to NJ, but climate chaos continues as Category 4 hurricane Maria makes landfall on Puerto Rico, plus, a Mexico quake kills hundreds, strapping others under rubble.


Charged with corruption and facing a scheduled hearing on Friday, Paterson Mayor José Torres is reported willing to accept a plea deal.

Confederate flag assemblyman recorded making crude comments about opponent.

As a second-home market, Atlantic City delivers everything from sizzling nightlife to world-class beaches at a hard-to-beat price. (NJ Spotlight OpEd)

Getting to work takes more time than ever before. Is the Garden State in danger of becoming the gridlock state?

Saddle River on its deer population: Non-lethal sterilization of female deer closely wins over controlled hunt to reduce the overabundant population.

“The Uncomfortable Truth: Racism, Injustice, and Poverty in New Jersey,” A new report indicates that ingrained policies and structures keep blacks and Hispanics from succeeding economically, politically, and personally.

APN authors

Members of the APN committee that wrote the report discuss it at a press briefing yesterday.

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