News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017

The New Yorker has posted the cover they would have done if Hillary had won. To round it all out, here’s what the New York Times would have published November 9, 2016.


Cory Booker was on fire as senators lined up to talk single-payer.

Why isn’t Sen. Menendez backing the Sanders single-payer health bill like Cory Booker is? 

Well, somebody needed to. How Bernie Sanders is taking over the Democratic Party (Cillizza at CNN)

New Jersey 

Long, long time coming: Brave new world for Newark Schools as state cedes control. Go be great, Newark.

The Sopranos State has lost one of its Sopranos; actor Frank Vincent of Nutley who played Phil Leotardo 

Today 10 am, the sad business of saying goodbye to Jim Whelan. Press of Atlantic City will cover live. Maybe Boardwalk Hall will be named in his memory.

Rep Gottheimer had his moment along with other moderates, sitting with Trump at the White House “bipartisan” meeting. After that, Trump picked another Twitter fight with Hillary Clinton.

Food lines. Hank Kalet writes of what it is to be homeless in New Jersey

We have work to do: Census data shows median income climbs in NJ, but wage disparity remains high

Sweeney wants to name Atlantic City’s boardwalk after the late Jim Whelan

Senator Menendez on Trial


This ought to make some interesting convos at the Dem State Conference that starts tonight.  Both Dem candidates for Little Egg Harbor Twp Committee have withdrawn their candidacies in the November election, with one of them complaining that the Ocean County Dem party is in disarray and in cahoots with Republicans.

Photo of the Day Josh Gottheimer sitting next to Donald Trump at POTUS’ “bipartisan” meeting with moderates


Trump finally figures out his approval rating’s in the toilet, and moves to fix it with a deal on DACA, which is more popular with voters than he is unpopular. Schumer and Pelosi announce deal with Trump to protect young immigrants; will include border security – but no wall, his signature promise since the start of his campaign

If you still don’t see that Donald Trump is creepy and weird with women, NBC’s Katy Tur has some stories


Delaware River Basin Commission moves ahead on rules to ban fracking. Environmentalists greet that with approval, but are less pleased with regulations to address how fracking wastewater will be disposed of in the region

300,000 plug in vehicles on the road in NJ by 2025, 2 million by 2035? This coalition says its possible and here’s how to get there

Eric Stiles of NJ Audubon makes the case: Funding for wildlife conservation a necessity, not a luxury

Gannett editorial: Stay strong on struggle to prevent NJ being littered with a proliferation of new pipelines crisscrossing the state

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