Nambia Pambia News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

Above, one of the white supremacist posters found around Stockton University this week.
Photo: Adam Miyashiro, from Facebook.


Republicans’ ‘harshest’ ACA takedown: Graham-Cassidy could cost NJ billions, leave more patients uninsured

My congressman bags groceries. Rep. Leonard Lance and other local electeds assisted cashiers at Shop-Rite to raise awareness for hungerRep. Lance, guess what happens to families struggling to pay for medical treatment to keep a family member alive? 


The AARP Vote: Does Progressivism Speak to Seniors?

Newark/s long road to local control of schoolsWhere will it lead? (Paul Tractenberg)


The fierce urgency of Phil. Obama to headline campaign event for Murphy
Retiring Dem Ray Lesniak goes rogue in Plainfield mayor’s race, endorses independent
Gaming a U.S. Senate vacancy in Murphy World


Trump returns to his Bedminster golf joint today, his 7th trip here since inauguration
Nambia Pambia. Trump refers to a country that doesn’t exist at UN lunch with African leaders
Trump base OK with his deals with Dems


These white people will respond to your racist trolls so you don’t have to.

Single-payer Dems: Save Obamacare now, single-payer later. Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and other luminaries behind Medicare-for-All rallied with Planned Parenthood to save the ACA.

Run, Mika Brzezinski. Run far. Christie’s awkward moment with Mika on Morning Joe.


Prosecutors zero in on the charge legal experts say Sen. Menendez may be most vulnerable: He concealed gifts he received from Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen.

On Salomon Melgen: Was Menendez’ friend & co-defendent a ‘constituent’? Lawyers debate.

Gonna need your vote, buddy. With Graham-Cassidy deadline looming, will Menendez vote?


Parker Space: Who raised this guy? Calls his woman opponent a bitch. Has no apologies.

Weinberg calls on Space to resign. So does Mark Matzen, now running DACC.

This item, from Matt Friedman’s POLITICO NJ Playbook, is just WTF:
LOST IN SPACE – Jacqueline Stapel, executive director of the Sussex County Democratic Committee who ran against Space in 2015, was one of the people involved in the conversation in which Space called his opponent ‘a bitch.’ And she’s not happy it was leaked to me. “As an individual and a Sussex County resident, I am deeply offended that a private conversation amongst myself, Jennifer Hamilton, and Parker Space was secretly recorded and leaked to the media for cheap political gain. As an American, I denounce its secret leakage and use by the media and political campaigns because it is undermining everyone’s privacy rights.” Stapel called Space a “friend.”


Tractor-trailer takes wrong turn, takes a drive on the Atlantic City boardwalk

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