Meet the woman from Maine who just (probably) (almost certainly) killed Graham-Cassidy

BREAKING: Sen. Susan Collins announces she is a hard “NO” on the Republicans’ last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare before the Saturday night deadline that will make it nearly impossible to.

Her statement, below, makes clear she rejects both versions of Graham-Cassidy, meaning the bill as the two originally submitted it, and the today’s updated version in which the bill was rejiggered to add sweeteners for Maine and Alaska (read: bribes) to haul in holdout votes from Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

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  1. Bill Orr

    Trump in a February 2016 campaign promise: “Obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced. … You’re going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that’s gonna take place immediately after we go in. Okay? Immediately. Fast. Quick.”


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