One group helped us focus the fight against TrumpCare. Here’s how to thank them.

We hardly ever ask you to give money to an ally. But I’m going to break that today. In the months-long street fight of pushing back against irresponsible Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare, New Jersey Citizen Action ran point here. Even when Tom MacArthur’s name put Jersey’s stamp on TrumpCare.

Make a donation right now to NJ Citizen Action – any amount

Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren sent out a thank you email for burying the Obamacare repeal: “Who killed it? You did. Every person who showed up to a rally, protest, or town hall. Every person who made calls and sent emails. Every person who signed a petition or shared a story on Facebook and Twitter.”

Damn right. But it doesn’t just happen. What NJ Citizen Action did for us this year is bridge between the incredible energy we have and the know-how of a top-flight people’s advocacy organization. Simply, they made us a deadly fighting force. If you were part of the weekly vigils at GOP congressmen’s offices –  since there was snow – you already know them. Here’s the bigger picture:

Making GOP Congressmen feel the heat – in NJ:
– All-day Stake-Out at Congressional offices on vote days
– Tele-Town Halls with hundreds of activists, to keep us informed
– Coordinated turnout and protests for Congressional Town Halls
– Many press conferences at Congressional offices (and Newark & Trenton)
– Story collection from people with medical needs – to personalize what a loss of coverage means

And in Washington:
– Bus trips to D.C. to meet with Congress members
– Multiple Congressional Roundtables

Direct help for people who need it:
– Counseled 5,000 individuals in NJCA’s Newark storefront ACA enrollment office
– State-wide coordination with enrollment orgs

Keep us informed & ready to fight:
– Weekly calls to action
– Rallies in Trenton – 3
– Sent its healthcare experts to events allies did
– Organized Op-Eds & Letters to the Editor. Collected letters & petitions

Make a donation right now to NJ Citizen Action – any amount

And it continues: Tonight, even as NJCA chief Phyllis Salowe-Kaye joins Progressive Hunterdon Dems to talk about next steps for the Resistance (details to attend), her crew will be leading a Phone Briefing & Action Plan to stop congressional proposals to cut taxes for the wealthy that could put health care and other programs in jeopardy. Plus how to move forward on health care for all at the state level. (RSVP)

And that’s just their healthcare work. Thank you, NJ Citizen Action. Much love & See ya tonight – Rosi


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