Good riddance: Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigns

He who was so concerned about our heath care and was overseeing the effort to create a bright future for TumpCare, and he who could not drain the swamp because he was too busy flying over it, today submitted his resignation.

Price’s repeated use of chartered jets exceeded $400,000 and his White House-approved flights on military planes more than $500,000.

In his apology he said,he regretted “the concerns this has raised regarding the use of taxpayer dollars.” So he regretted the concerns, but not necessarily his actions –  much less any sense of propriety, ethics or common sense.  After all it’s an ego-boost and fun flying at no personal cost on military and charter jets. He has said he would submit payment of $52,000, what he estimated was the cost for “his seat” on certain flights – LOL a small price  for a jet that might have 16 seats.

Trump publicly dressed him down for the second time in a week a few hours ago. Last week before boarding a helicopter to that golf course we love to picket, he said about Price, “I can tell you, I’m not happy. OK.” I doubt we will be happy or OK with Trump’s replacement.

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