“Don’t get disheartened,” Keith Ellison at DNC says to me. Keith, we need to talk.

You’re killing me, Keith Ellison. This email, I admit, hits me on a bad day. But you’re killing me with it. Check your Inbox, Blue Jerseyans; you’ve got the same email.

Ellison is Deputy Chair of the DNC. I had high hopes when it looked like he’d be Chair, though it’s good Tom Perez carved a new position for the guy he beat, literally deputizing him. Plus, there’s this: When he and Perez were here a few months ago, I found out Ellison prepped for New Jersey by reading Blue Jersey. Nice. So, in turn, I always read Ellison email.

“Don’t get disheartened, Rosi” the subject field says, reassuringly. But I am. My negligent, inattentive president consumes my energy; not just because worrying saps my time, but because organizing against Trump and his Republicans, and helping keep people informed, is a burden – a burden I love, but one that keeps me poor because it takes so much of me. Only the people this movement brings me keep my spirit up. Last night’s Progressive Hunterdon Democrats did that for me.

But the reality is, the Democratic Party is already letting me down – even as we’re trying to build it up. My Hunterdon county party treats our Progressive Dems org, which seems larger and busier than they are, with resentment and hostility. Like we have no right on their turf. As though it’s even about turf. The fact that anybody would see the spike in progressive organizing in this state and not welcome it baffles me. Especially after years of Democratic leaders enabling Christie. And especially because it was the Democrats – doing how they do – that lost us this election. And gave us Trump.

So I open Keith Ellison’s email; fundraising as expected. “Your fighting spirit.” “Shared values.”  OK. But then this:

“Tomorrow, we’ll be facing our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline. With health care for millions at risk, just 39 days until important elections in states like Virginia, and control of Congress on the line next year, the stakes can’t get any higher.” (emphasis mine)

You’re killing me, Keith. States like … Virginia? There’s only one other state! New Jersey, Keith! Virginia elects their governor and House of Delegates. And New Jersey elects our entire Legislature, both houses, and our governor. In 39 days!  And you’re sending me email about how damn important Virginia is! Do we need to have a talk about the candidates you should come help? Keith, call me. I have a list. I can tell you who’s hot. 

Memo to Keith Ellison: Kindly ask staff to review mass email policy. Please. Or send email that doesn’t sound like the DNC doesn’t give a crap about my state that is drowning – in unaddressed Hurricane Sandy needs, downgraded credit rating, unfunded pensions, killer property taxes and 8 damn years of Chris Christie and Democratic machines that let him do his worst.

I mean … if you don’t want me to get “disheartened. 


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