Don’t count your chickens: Graham-Cassidy isn’t (really) (fully) dead until the Saturday deadline.

“Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”
Donald Trump, February 27, 2017

Below, calls you can make to key U.S. Senate votes, with some key facts. 
Also, there’s this great MoveOn tool that will connect you to allies in red states, so the calls come to key senators from their own constituents.

Trump promised to kill Obamacare 68 times. Republicans in Congress vowed it, in hot-headed speeches that got them elected, and re-upped, and on TV for 7 years. The Tea Party was built on demonizing it. My point is: The stakes are high for them. They look like fools now, which of course they are. This is a stunning show of bad, no, irresponsible governing. They want to pass this, despite knowing more than 30 million people would be screwed. Their only concern is that you not find out about that, so they keep trying to pass an ACA takedown before the CBO can tell the voters exactly what impact the bill would have on them. And those bills? Each one worse than the one before, each one different. They’re not interested in replacing the ACA; they haven’t even thought it through. They just want it dead so they don’t look stupid.

So they have until 11:59pm Saturday to repeal the ACA, and their clumsy conduct disturbs even some Republicans. But tick-tock: On Sunday, protections expire against a Dem filibuster, bill-killing delays that Republicans lack the votes to overcome. So they’re throwing all the spaghetti at the wall. Right now, what that looks like is wooing holdout votes Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins with bribes for Maine and Alaska (at the expense of the rest of us). And even Arizona, as Trump bitches about John McCain (again).

So, here below are some phone calls you can make today, with some helpful info. Here’s the status, to my knowledge on the below senators:
Murkowski and Collins – being leaned on hard.
Capito, Portman, Gardner – Unclear (per 9/22 CNN).
McCain – a No, now taking fire from Trump. Flake – is now a Yes.
Got updated status info? Please let us know in the Comments.











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  1. deciminyan

    Even after the deadline, this horrible bill is not dead. The GOP Senate changed the rules once. They can do it again, effectively extending the deadline.


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