Cory Booker signs on to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill

UPDATE: Kirsten Gillibrand signs on. An hour ago. It’s alllll happening.

In this morning’s News Roundup, we had two national stories, which now seem to play on each other, adding context to the news this afternoon that Cory Booker is signing on to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill. First article (in Vox) is about the leftward tilt on the key healthcare issue, toward what Bernie Sanders has been saying all along, which Hillary said was impossible. The other (POLITICO) is about Hillary’s relitigating the 2016 campaign with her book, and warning Democrats not to let Bernie run anything.

In Vox The Stunning Democratic shift on single-payer. Subhead: In 2008, no leading Democratic presidential candidate backed single-payer. In 2020, every Democrat may say it. 

In POLITICOHillary’s Message to Dems: Don’t Give Bernie the Keys: Subhead: Her new book relaunches the Democratic Civil War of 2016 

To me, today’s events illustrate not only how vacuous, vindictive and self-serving Clinton’s conduct has become, but how passé. Democrats, even those thought moderate, even those – like Booker – who bound themselves to Hillary’s future, see which way the wind’s blowing. That’s how toxic it’s become to oppose this key of the progressive platform – that people like Booker and freshman senator Kamala Harris are jumping on.And if this is merely a calculated move on the part of people like Booker and Harris as they line up to run for president, then fine. It’s a wise calculation – good for them – and we should welcome and support it no matter why it happens. We could get better legislation, if more of our reps are fighting for it. This is what unity is about. And you know Cory can sell the hell outta this idea. As we remember none of this has any shot without a strong 2018.

Not even Barack Obama backed single-payer in 2008, though Obama got the ACA up and going, getting healthcare access to millions more Americans. It was the ACA that Hillary Clinton said she was “defending” when the establishment Democrats’ pre-selected presidential pick made the pronouncement 8 years later that Bernie Sanders’ single-payer healthcare “will never, ever come to pass.” Remember this? Lordy, I’m tired of this attitude:

Photo credit: Booker and Sanders (Getty Images)

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