Come meet LD-24’s Kate Matteson & Gina Trish. Parker Space just got caught calling Matteson a “bitch”.

As we’ve said, there’s some sharp, well-informed, diligent women challenging seated Republicans for legislative seats right now. [Shout-out to Christine Liu Chen & Laura Shaw getting national attention yesterday, heyyy!]. 

This guy.

Maybe one of them is unnerving Parker Space, whose world is shifting a little. Republicans up in his crimson corner of NJ aren’t used to any kind of challenge. Space seemed … put out … having to answer for posing with a Confederate flag. So, it’s not a shock he can’t keep focused on the issues when it comes to discussing his opponent:

“Kate’s a bitch,” Parker Space says about his opponent Kate Matteson.

Called her a bitch.

Politico has the recording, Space calling Matteson bitch 3 times within 33 seconds, caught on live mic:

What you’re going to hear: This is after a drug awareness event in Sussex County. Jennifer Hamilton, Matteson and Trish’s LD-24 running mate, saying nobody wants hate in the world. Assemblyman Space then unloads the b-word 3 times in rapid succession about Matteson (who was not there.

Meet Kate & Gina
When: Sunday, October 1 – 11am
Where: 30 Blackford Rd, Newton
More info/RSVP Kate & Gina’s website

Ah, male disrespect of intelligent women …

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