Well, this is damn depressing.

Just up at Facebook from Joey Novick, my guy, upon reading that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has upheld the conviction of Bergen Democratic Chair Joe Ferriero, sentenced for 35 months in jail on convictions of racketeering and bribery:

“From 1996-2000, I served as Chair of the Hunterdon County Democratic Party—with 20 other county party chairs. Sadly, FIVE ** of those state chairs —25% of the total—were indicted and incarcerated for corruption at some point. Ferriero was one of them.

What is it with New Jersey and corruption in politics?”

Sigh. For the record:






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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    You are right, Rosi, and Joey is wrong. Giblin was Chair of both Essex County and the NJDSC when I first got involved in NJ politics in 2000. Giblin was replaced by Philip Thigpen after losing to Joe D in the 2002 County Executive primary election. Leroy Jones replaced Thigpen after he passed away.

    James was most certainly the “boss” of the Essex County political machine until he went to prison. He would be replaced in that role by Steve Adubato and Adubato’s top lackey, Joe D.

    Ferriero was the rare example of the “boss” of a particular county’s political machine also being the chair of the county party organization. More often than not, bosses operate behind the scenes and chairs are their puppets, serving as the face and the voice of the party.


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