Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for August 12-13, 2017

There will be vigils and rallies in several locations in NJ today for Charlottesville – and at the ‘Free Speech Zone’ down the road from the Trump Golf Course where he’ll be today. I’ll have a post up shortly with that info. If you’re part of one, please let us know the details at contact@bluejersey.com ASAP.

Honestly, people, this is a piss-poor late morning roundup. I’m sitting in a Starbucks just looking at photos of Charlottesville. I try to take every Saturday as a day away from screens, so even though a muted TV at the library where the People’s Motorcade ends was on yesterday morning, the impact didn’t hit me until late last night. And late last night, I also saw “Detroit,” the film about the uprising in what used to be my city, in which black bodies are brutalized for no fucking good reason except for some white bf’s to exercise their power. It’s time to get off of screens, and show up if we can. The goddamn Nazis are organizing. We have to do the same.


Chris Cillizza at CNN: Donald Trumps incredibly unpresidential statement on Charlottesville
Trump condemns “violence on many sides.”
Cory Booker: Trump showed ‘hateful hypocrisy’ in Charlottesville response
David Duke calls it: “It was white Americans that put you in the presidency”


White nationalist alt-right brings violence and bigotry to Charlottesville, to Bill Orr’s former city & alma mater

Before Charlottesville, North Korea: The Guns of August and the Missiles of August

Hip-hop’s birthday – and why we still talk about affordable housingSee? Everything relates.


PHOTO above: AP


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