Report: Chris Christie Is Off the Air

The Daily News is reporting that Gov. Chris Christie is no longer a candidate to replace the maybe-retiring Mike Francesa on sports talk radio WFAN-AM.

The news that Christie is out of a sports radio job comes weeks after the very unpopular governor and Trump supporter who is often regarded as one of New Jersey’s worst governors received an on-air bludgeoning from a caller, “Mike from Montclair,” for Christie’s family trip to Island Beach State Park during a three-day state government shutdown.

Here’s the exchange from the caller: has a nice summary of the governor’s job hunt while still in office.

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    As fun as schadenfreude might be, this was one of the few jobs that Christie could have gotten where he could not do any damage.

    If anything, he is now even more likely to appoint himself to Bob Menendez’s Senate seat if the beleaguered Senator is convicted of the crimes for which he is charged or cuts a deal that leads to his resignation, which could give Trump the votes he needs to decimate our country’s healthcare system.

    I for one would prefer to hear Christie on WFAN. He wasn’t good, but he wasn’t terrible either and nobody was harmed in the process.

  2. brettski55

    The prospect of Christie being able to fill Menendez’s senate seat is frightening. If convicted, Menendez might be able to hold out until Ambassador Murphy takes office (the good Lord willing). This would require enough United States Senate democrats to vote against unseating a convicted felon. The optics of this kind of political bloodbath would not be a great way to start the 2018 campaign with all that is riding on it (e.g. the fate of democracy itself in America). The Senator has not done New Jersey Democrats any favors. Even if acquitted, the allegations and evidence paint an unsavory picture. Menendez needs to be replaced on the 2018 ballot with a progressive democrat with unassailable integrity (i.e. not Bob Torricelli). Maybe when John Currie is done playing footsie with state GOPers in an effort to slime his way into the job of Passaic County Clerk, he could step and provide some leadership. Then again, maybe if pigs had wings they could fly


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