Real, Fake News Coverage in Charlottesville

The Washington Post has an all-too-real piece of fake news this week, providing some sober fake reporting on the events in Charlottesville. The report imagines how the American news media would cover this story if Charlottesville were located elsewhere on the globe.

Here’s the lede. It’s perfect:

The international community is yet again sounding the alarm on ethnic violence in the United States under the new regime of President Trump. The latest flash point occurred this past weekend when the former Confederate stronghold of Charlottesville descended into chaos following rallies of white supremacist groups protesting the removal of statues celebrating leaders of the defeated Confederate states. The chaos turned deadly when Heather Heyer, a member of the white ethnic majority who attended the rally as a counterprotester, was killed when a man with neo-Nazi sympathies allegedly drove his car into a crowd.

They also nailed the characterization of our president:

Trump, a former reality television host, beauty pageant organizer and businessman, rose to political prominence by publicly questioning the citizenship of the United States’ first black president, Barack Obama. Since his election, Trump has targeted Muslims, refugees, Mexicans and the media. He has also advocated for police brutality. These tactics have appealed to and emboldened white ethno-nationalist groups and domestic terrorist organizations.

Wonder if now that Trump’s not good for business anymore the media will provide accurate reporting in this style. One can only hope.

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  1. Bill Orr

    Of course one reason why this is fake news is because Charlottesville is not a “Confederate stronghold.”


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