Protesters urge Tom MacArthur to go beyond issuing meaningless statements condemning alt-right violence

It’s fitting that Congressman Tom MacArthur’s district office is on a golf course. After all, his biggest buddy in Washington is the Golfer-In-Chief. And every Wednesday since trump’s inauguration, citizens have gathered on the well-manicured lawn in front of the Gibson House in Marlton, which houses that office.

Today’s rally was a special day. It was the day that in Charlottesville, VA, a memorial service was held for Heather Heyer – the woman murdered by a trump sympathizer during a rally by the President’s Nazi supporters.

About 50 people lined the busy highway with protest signs and heard cheers (and jeers) from passing vehicles.

Speakers at the rally included Dr. Eileen Hill of South Jersey Indivisible NOW, Karen Hyman of Cherry Hill, Maura Collinsgru of New Jersey Citizen Action, and Canon Donald Muller of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Medford.

While MacArthur has issues pro-forma statements against the violence in Charlottesville, he is either unwilling or incapable of understanding that a large factor in this domestic terrorism is trump’s “wink and nod” attitude toward the alt-right white supremacists. The same man who almost singlehandedly saved TrumpCare in the House of Representatives has become an apologist and enabler for the president’s abhorrent actions.

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    Everyday we see and hear more abominations from this immoral and ignorant person that is the president of our United States. He is repulsive. I can only hope that we can methodically do what needs to get done so as to vote out these cowards that support racism, white supremacy, etc. But most importantly I am shocked by the lack of moral compass of the republican “leaders?????” who cannot say his name of admonish Trump. We must elect those that stand for our democratic beliefs. Please God — We need to get through this together by strength and perseverance!


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