NJ 11th for Change/CD11: With McKeon not running, how do you see the race against Frelinghuysen?

UPDATE: Democrat Mikie Sherrill – Montclairian, Navy Academy grad, Navy pilot and former federal prosecutor – was the clear favorite in this reader poll with nearly half the 109 votes so far; Passaic Freeholder John Bartlett second. Interesting suggestions in Comments! We’ll ask again as the field expands. You can see the poll results below.

Poll below’s open to everybody. Particularly want to hear from you in NJ 11th for Change & Frelinghuysen constituents.

As you’ve no doubt heard, Assemblyman John McKeon, the focus of a great deal of attention as a possible candidate for Democratic nominee against Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen in 2018, has decided against it. (Read McKeon’s statement). CD11 is already targeted by DCCC, and ripe for a vigorous challenge the same ways Scott Garrett’s CD5 was before Dem Josh Gottheimer took it (both districts – and Leonard Lance’s CD7 – are R+3). Significantly, Frelinghuysen’s also made a serious dummy move, just like Garrett did in his final term. Time will tell if Frelinghuysen’s mistake – trying to intimidate a NJ 11th for Change activist by outing her to her employer – offensive and paranoid as that act is, will be enough to keep Frelinghuysen vulnerable.

But for today, I want to know – particularly from NJ 11th for Change members (and other residents of CD11) where you stand right now on the prospects for defeating Frelinghuysen. In this poll, you can only choose one answer, but feel free to expand in Comments.

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  1. Scott Maxwell

    I wanted someone with extensive governmental experience, progressive credentials and name recognition like McKeon to run against Frelinghuysen, but I can support Sherrill. I worry if she can survive what will be a tough & probably nasty campaign. The fact that she’s a woman and veteran are a plus though.

  2. Robert A. Nulman

    John Bartlett

  3. Rory Schacktest

    Let’s send Loretta Weinberg to Washington, she is the person who exposed Bridgegate and did not allow herself to be bullied out of the cause.

  4. Robert A. Nulman

    Freeholder John Bartlett


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